Black Bedroom Ideas: Black is Beautiful, Even in Bedroom

by admin on November 19, 2012

When decorating a room, especially bedrooms, the greatest consideration will always be the color. Once the color is chosen, it is easy to pick up the furniture, beddings, pillows, curtains, and other ornaments. Of all the colors, black might come last in most of people’s choices for their bedrooms. This might be because of the bad perception associated with the color, like sadness and gloom. If played right, however, black can bring out a sophisticated, romantic, and elegant effect. Here are some black bedroom ideas that can help you make a dramatic change in what is supposed to be the most relaxing room in your home.


Painting the walls black will make your room look and feel small. Add some dimension by painting two facing walls with a lighter hue, like gray or white, or you can paint your walls with vertical stripes of different shades of black, gray, and white. Another trick is to paint all the walls black but accentuate the vertical and horizontal corners with a lighter color so that the actual size of the room would stand out.


There are many ways to play around with the ceiling. You can paint it white to brighten your bedroom, or you can keep it black and add glittering ornaments to mimic a starry night sky. Sophisticated dwellers would probably prefer to hang a chandelier to bring elegance to the room.Black Bedroom Ideas


Having floor to ceiling curtains is a good alternative to painting your walls. This way, you can change your room’s motif depending on your mood. Springtime calls for pastel and warm colors, which means you can easily take down your black curtains for yellow ones, but if you are enjoying the black motif, you can choose curtains of various prints and material with the shade of black as the dominating element.


You can have permanent tiles in shades of black or dark brown installed on your floors, or you can opt to cover it with a rug or carpet instead. You can have a black floor with lighter shade of rug in the center, or vice versa, while a carpet mimicking a zebra’s print can give your bedroom a jungle yet elegant ambiance.


You may play it safe by choosing neutral colors or other shades of black, or you can be adventurous by covering your bed in a bright contrasting shade to make it stand out.


If you choose a black bed frame, it is better to choose beddings that contrast the shade or you will drown in blackness. Those who want to achieve a monochromatic black and white tone can stick on these two colors and fill the room with stripes or spirals of it.

A black room need not be pure black. You can mix in other colors and accents to exude various charms. Add a splash of red to make it romantic, purple or gray to make it elegant, blue to make it masculine, or pink for a feminine feel. These are just a few of the many black bedroom ideas, and you can surely make up more with a dash of your imagination.

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