Black Bedroom – How to Make it Work

by admin on May 6, 2013

The Sexiness of a Black Bedroom

Why go for black? Choosing the interior design of a bedroom is quite a difficult task, but something that we all have to do. Even if you’re hiring an interior designer, you have to at least give your input on how you want the room to look. After all, it’s you who will be staying in the room and not your designer.

Before deciding on the design, you have to choose a color scheme for the bedroom. There are many colors to choose from, and black is a very good option.

Black used to be associated with the negative, with white being it’s counterpart. However, people has also come to associate the color with grandness over time. A black bedroom is a good option for people who has to sleep during the day. If you’re having trouble sleeping, or if you have to work at night, then you definitely want to consider having a black bedroom.

Using black as the overall color for a bedroom is also a great way to add drama to it. Some people just doesn’t like the everyday-boring room – a black bedroom is indeed a great way to stand out.

Black Bedroom Essentials – Where to Get Them

It’s quite easy to design with black. Throw in a couple of black furniture, paint the walls black and you’re all set. However, we’re talking about a black bedroom and being your private space, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. So, what do you need to have the best black bedroom?


Let’s start with the paint. Black, being defined as the absence of color, has only one shade. If you find it too dark, you might want to go with gray, as seen in the image below. As you’d notice, the walls have the same color as the ceiling and some people are concerned that this is a big no-no. Well, it really depends on your preference. There are very few rules when it comes to designing so feel free to follow what you find beautiful.

black bedroom

Black Furniture

There are many black pieces of furniture around, if you know where to buy. Personally, I don’t think you have to spend thousands of dollars on them. Take for instance. If you’ll go over to their site and search for “black furniture” you’d see that they have almost everything – black dressers, black nightstands and black headboards. They even have black bedroom sets if you want to buy everything from the same manufacturer. The dressers start at around $30 apiece, and you can’t tell the difference between them and more expensive ones!

Blackout Curtains

They’re an absolute must, especially if you sleep during the day. These curtains were especially designed to block out light and UV rays, so you get to sleep like a baby until noon. There are several types of these, so make sure that you get the insulated kind – they insulate against heat and cold, so they help save energy as well.

blackout curtain

Blackout Curtain from

Black Beddings

More often than not, people who went for black bedrooms have black beddings as well. This is not “required” but black beddings are great for completing the room’s entire look.

Personally, I love black silk beddings. They feel really nice to the touch, and they have this grand feel about them that makes me feel like a million dollars. They are quite expensive, but they’re definitely worth it.

The image below is very different from black silk beddings, but it will complement a black bedroom just the same. Using beddings like this is a great way to focus the attention on the bed, making it the focal point of the entire room.

black beddings

Black Beddings also available at

Chandelier (Optional)

A chandelier is a great way to make a room look really grand. Some people think it only makes their room look “old”, but there are a lot of modern chandeliers out there that jazzes up a room without making you feel like you travelled back in time.

Take this chandelier below. It’s a great piece of art to hang from the ceiling, yet the design is very modern. There’s no way it will make anybody feel old.

modern chandelier

Modern Chandelier from

Balancing Black with Another Color

Many people find too much black engulfing, so they mix it with another color instead. This is not a problem at all. Black is a neutral color, and can be mixed with any other color.

The most popular choice is black and white. This is a classic, but I consider it too risk-free. Go a little bit more adventurous and pair up black with another color instead.

gold and black bedroom

Black and Gold

As you can see in the image below, the dominant color in this bedroom is gold and black was used for the details. I like this combination because it makes the gold stand out, without entirely taking over black.

Black, Yellow and White

Some designers use yellow and black, but I find it making yellow stand out too much. Adding white to the equation balances the darkness of black and the brightness of yellow, making the three colors look harmonious. The image below used black as the dominant color, followed by white and then yellow for the details. Another option is to have white as the dominant color, followed by black (for the furniture) and then yellow for the details.

black and yellow bedroom

Black and Red

Black and red is another powerful combination. Honestly, I find these two colors too powerful, so make sure not to use too much red. If you will, balance it out with white so it will still look great. As you can see in the picture below, only the bed is red and all other stuff in the room are black.

black and red bedroom

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